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What is NSP (Nanometer Spray Painting)?


NSP ( Nanometer Spray Painting ) has many names such as Nanometer Spray Plating, Nano mirror coating,


The conventional surface treatment technologies are namely Electroplating and Vacuum Plating. NSP is the new addition to these 2 conventional surface treatment technologies. The NSP technology in view of its recent development from China is expectably anonymous to many surface treatment professionals and companies; however; it had been in recent years attracted the attention and acclaimed recognition by many renowned surface treatment specialist and companies attention of its capabilities and viewed it as the revolutionary plating technology after electroplating and vacuum plating.


The NSP Technology strength lies in the fact that it does not possessed post treatment effect of severe environmental pollution via waste water and toxic discharge conventional electroplating technology and most importantly; the start up investment cost of NSP is significantly lower then that of conventional plating technology. Thirdly; NSP application scope compliments to that of conventional vacuum plating technology which has a high defective production rate in the plating process due to factors such as shape irregularities and sizes of objects to be plated.

How does it works?


NSP Technology uses specially produced solvent; combined with direct paint spraying method, results the formation of high EMI ; high reflective surface coating.


The processes are:Substrate pre treatment → NSP application → Top coat → Quality test and control

What are the advantages of NSP?


  •     Green - no heavy metals, no waste discharge
  •     Safety operation – it does not cause any harm to humans or the environment
  •     Automatic production line is available – we can provide a spray plating production line according to the customer needs.
  •     Variety colors - golden yellow, brass color, antique gold, gunmetal, (red, yellow, purple, green and blue), etc.
  •     Recycling - spraying plastic products, can be discarded after the crushing, recycling and reuse
  •     Wide range material application - a variety of substrate materials can be sprayed, without restrictions on the volume size
  •     Small area or color mixing process available - the color of decorative plating can be done partially; the color mixing process can also be done partially.

What are the disadvantages of NSP?


As a paint technology, the hardness is hard to compare with electric chrome.

Where can NSP be used?


Allows you to coat anything from metals, ceramics, plastics, resin, ceramics, gypsum glass and even wood with a mirror like chrome Profinish.

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